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The Morrisby Profile

Morrisby Profile

What is The Morrisby Profile?

The Morrisby Profile is the most widely used psychometric profiling system in careers guidance. Schools and colleges throughout the UK and overseas use Morrisby Profiling as a key part of their careers guidance programme. It can be used to help meet the ‘Gatsby Careers Benchmarks’.

The Morrisby Profile is also suitable for post graduates, career changers and people returning to work after career breaks to help them explore and understand the variety of opportunities open to them. The assessments match skills and talents with possible career paths.

A series of psychometric assessments provide an individual’s pattern of aptitudes and abilities. Areas assessed include; reasoning, general abilities (verbal, numerical, perceptual) as well as practical skills. Personality traits, relevant to careers and working environments, are also revealed. The results are linked to personal likes and dislikes to produce the profile which also includes career suggestions. ¬†

The results are printed in a personal guidance report. For students an additional guide ‘Looking Forward’ is provided to help with choosing 16+ subject / course options¬† and choices at 18+ including Higher Education courses and apprenticeships. Adult clients receive a planning tool to assist with their next steps.

An individual ‘face to face’ guidance interview is offered to interpret the results and discuss future career plans and plan action steps.

The Morrisby package also includes complimentary ongoing support via the Morrisby website which has up to date job descriptions, videos, careers information and access to careers advice via a dedicated hotline.

The tests can be taken by anyone over the age of 15.  

Independent Careers Advice Ltd is an accredited provider of the Morrisby Profile.

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